Cost of Opening a Bumper Car Funfair

The operation of bumper cars requires us to invest in how much capital we put in. It is affected by many factors.

First of all, everyone’s ideas are different, and the initial investment motives are different. Some people will choose a location with a good location and a large flow of people, rent a venue, from decoration to a series of value-added products and related equipment, then to the person in charge of the scene, marketing Propaganda staff to create a comprehensive playground bumper car operating system; and some small capital entrepreneurs, will choose to go to temple fairs, squares, parks, such as the need for site planning and construction, to chase the flow of people to profit. These two methods determine what kind of bumper car products are suitable for your current business premises.

Battery bumper cars in our factory

If you are planning to make a comprehensive playground bumper car plan, then there are many types of bumper cars you can choose. For example, Skynet and the ground net bumper cars, this kind of power supply to play, it is quite exciting to play, currently There are also many people in use throughout the country.

Then this kind of equipment selection must be based on safety (involving power problems), so it can’t go too low in price. Otherwise, there are certain hidden dangers in security issues. According to the market price, 10 units are slightly higher. The minimum is about 7000-100,000. For some management requirements, the requirements are also very high. In addition, the rental of special venues and the staff of decoration documents are about 100,000-200,000.

In addition, you can also choose the battery bumper car that does not need special site construction. It can be operated by anytime and anywhere. The direct sales price of Shanghai Chitong bumper car is around 3000-10000, and it can meet various venues, ice, land, snow. The ground can be used on all three types of ground, so that it can be used in different climates.

It can be operated all the year round and make money quickly. If you go to the temple fair, park, and square to operate outside, 10 battery bumper cars will count on the site rent of 4-10 million yuan.

How To Pick Electric Bumper Car Rides For Your Personal Funfair

Choosing the right electric bumper car rides for the funfair is a vital thing. The only method you might have some fun with your funfair is simply by selecting the right bumper car rides. If you have been searching for the best bumper car rides that one could afford, then you have come to the correct place. Know that it must be not difficult to select the best electric bumper car rides.

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The people who usually choose a wrong electric bumper car ride don’t do research. They never take the time to take a look at different BUMPER┬ácar rides. These are always in a hurry, so they end up making mistakes. That is why it is important that you should begin by doing a thorough research. It is best to determine what to choose.

Listed below are the most effective ways for choosing electric bumper car rides for the funfair.

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1 Bumper Car Body of Bumper Car

Begin by checking the body in the electric bumper car ride in the site of It is important to understand that good quality bodies of electric bumper car rides are manufactured from high-strength FRP and steel frames. The tensile strength of FRP is approximately 3600 MPa because of this the FRP will be able to withstand huge tensile force.

2 – Bumper

The bumper must be created from rubber rings. If you are looking on an inflatable electric bumper car ride, make certain that the bumper is constructed from PVC materials. PVC materials are the most useful and you will probably never face any problems when you are with such bumper rides. So, it is recommended to look at the bumper before selecting any electric bumper car ride.

3 Trustworthiness of the Company

Would you like to understand the best company which has the ideal electric bumper car rides? In that case, you have to look at the standing of each company. There are several firms that have negative reputation, since they are selling poor electric bumper car rides. Therefore, you will certainly be squandering your money when you use them. This is why you should use only the businesses who have positive reputation only.

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4 Internet Research

You can find information on the web which can help you select the right electric net  car rides for your funfair. Know that we now have some people who have used these bumper car rides before. Some of these people usually write reviews and post them on the web. Read these reviews if you would like pick the best electric bumper car ride.

5 ?Your Budget

Budget is also essential when you are searching for the very best electric car bumper rides. There are several which you may not afford. However, you need to never use price when you need to select the right bumper car. As there are some electric bumper car rides that are expensive, but are of poor quality. Prevent them. Research is important in order to select the right bumper car.

They are the easiest ways for choosing an electric powered bumper car rides for the funfair. You can utilize the following tips in order to avoid the mistakes that many people make if they are searching for the right electric bumper car ride. Here is a right bumper car manufacturer for